How to Make Your Own First Aid Kit for your Dog


I have found that with a little bit of planning ahead, a whole bunch stress and headaches can be prevented when you have a first aid kit for your dog.  By having a well thought out and prepared first aid kit for your dog you will always be ready for an emergency.

Why you should have TWO first aid kits

Having a complete first aid kit for your dog at home and in the car is the smartest idea but you can always just grab your home first aid kit when you are planning an outdoor excursion, road trip or vacation.  If you happen to take your dog(s) with you to lots of different places and on various excursion then having a first aid kit for dogs is crucial. Yes, most things can probably wait until you get home, but what if home is further away than usual or the issue really need some immediate attention.  It is always better to be prepared!

Putting together a first aid kit for dogs can be done in one trip to the store or with an order online.   There are also many first aid kits available for purchase, but in my opinion you’ll need to add a few items.

Here is a list of the first aid products that will be extremely helpful when you are either at home or out and about with your dog.


What to include in your first aid kit for your dog

    • bottle of saline wash to clean out cuts and wounds
    • hydrogen peroxide – a mild antiseptic that can be used to clean out cuts and wounds as well
    • alcohol-free wound cleansing wipes so they don’t sting
    • antibiotic ointment that contains either neomycin or bacitracin which is considered safe for dogs
    • cortisone cream can help with dogs that are prone to skin problems
    • diphenhydramine/Benadryl – an antihistamine used to relieve allergy symptoms, insect stings, motion sickness, travel anxiety
    • Ear Solution w/ .5% hydro-cortisone
    • activated charcoal – in the event your dog is poisoned
    • sterile gauze pads to apply ointments to
    • sterile roll of cotton gauze
    • a roll of self-adhering bandage which doesn't stick to the fur
    • styptic pen will help stop bleeding from a torn toe nail
    • pair of disposable non-latex gloves
    • syringe without needle to help irrigate a wound
    • hand sanitizer to clean your hands before dealing with an open wound
    • scissors that easily trim hair
    • metal tweezers to pull out thorns
    • medical scissors for cutting gauze and self-adhering bandage tape
    • rectal thermometer
    • nail clippers to trim torn nails
    • a nail file 
    • vet info
    • poison control info
    • proof of vaccinations
    • list of allergies and medical issues in the event you need to visit an emergency vet clinic while you are out of town
    • pill treats to administer pills
    • instant cold pack to help with swelling
    • blanket
    • cloth towels
    • a flashlight
    • a penlight
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