Welcome to our Affiliate Program Application Process 

To get started as an affiliate of the Bandana Club, please complete the form below and read our Terms and Conditions.

We are happy to be working with you and want this to be a positive and profitable experience.  Please let us know what we can do to help serve you.  You can always find us at

Our program's highlights include:

  • a 19% commission on any sales on our website via your custom link.
  • monthly commission payout via Paypal
  • a 30-day tracking cookie so if customers don't purchase the first time but come back, the affiliate will still receive the commission up to 30 days
  • regular affiliate emails with new products and promotional ideas
  • access to an affiliate portal to review sales
  • signage on request
  • bandana samples on request

Our fun, addictive and conversation starting bandana are a great accessory for dog owners to show off their dog's style and attitude.  Our dog bandanas are made in the USA by a team of dog lovers who get to go to work each day with their dogs and create fun products.  For every bandana sold, one is given to a shelter/rescue to help another dog look a “tad cuter to a potential forever home.

Be on the lookout for our onboarding email.  Which includes:

  1. Getting logged into the affiliate portal
  2. Where to find your affiliate link
  3. If you want signage
  4. How we communicate with our affiliates
  5. How and when commissions are paid
  6. Connecting on Social Media
  7. How to get help

If you prefer to keep an inventory of bandanas, then we offer them at wholesale pricing.  Please contact us at for additional information.


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